Travel Vlog

Nice Travel vlog including a sky view of Fort Lauderdale from Abby.

Best Time Ever!

This was the best part of our trip!

Kids Gone Parasailing

The girls go up up and away for a thrilling adventure over Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Dan Perttula

"Parasailing adventure with Courtney and her grandpa in Fort Lauderdale."

Valerie A.

"We went parasailing and jet ski riding, it was an amazing day on the water and thanks so much for the beautiful video!"

Mike G

"Your jet skis are awesome. Not only are they brand new, but fast. I had a great time and the tour guide was extremely helpful"


"A beautiful day to go Parasailing!"

John Schaaf

Parasailing off Fort Lauderdale!

Ivan Mejia

"Amazing parasailing experience. The captain and crew were very fun, we will be back!.

Alex C

“Had a really good day on the water!”

Florida Life

"A beautiful time with a wonderful Parasailing company. Parasailing off Fort Lauderdale Beach on "Seas The Day", enjoying a birds eye view of the area. Just another one of those Florida Life Moments"